Our past and ongoing experience as testing and development partners for this major Rail Signaling company with projects across the world has given us deep understanding and knowledge of railway systems and associated methodologies, specialized tools and standards. iVedha’s personnel have worked on projects developing & testing systems such as Vehicle Control Center (VCC), Onboard Controller (VOBC), Wayside Controller (WCU), Station Controller (STC) and ATS across various projects in Dubai, Mecca, China, Kaula Lumpur, DLR (London) and Korea.


eHealth Ontario

During its years of association with eHealth Ontario, iVedha has been involved with several projects in the Application Development, Quality Assurance and Infrastructure areas, centered on supporting various teams such as Development & Delivery, Operations, Provisioning, Networking, Storage and Wintel to reach the milestones and thus complete the deliverables within the timelines. iVedha’s domain expertise in HealthCare/Public Sector covers multiple platforms (i.e. Windows and .NET, UNIX and JAVA). Our team has vast experience in portal tools such as SharePoint, Vignette, Plumtree and open source tools such as Alfresco, Joomla, and .Netnuke. iVedha has also implemented SSO technologies (single sign on).


Public Sector

iVedha has several clients across the Public Sector and Healthcare vertical in Canada, especially in Ontario. Our success in the Public Sector has been largely due to our Vendor Of Record status with both Provincial and Federal Governments. Consequently, our presence in the broader Public Sector has also occurred in part due to our track record in the Government Sectors. We have not, however, neglected other large clients in the Private Sector.

A partial list of our Public Sector clients is given below:

Federal Government

  • Public Works & Government Services Canada
  • Citizenship & Immigration Canada
  • Department of Fisheries & Ocean, Canada

Provincial Government

  • Ministry of Government Services
  • Ministry of Health & Long Term Care
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of CYSSC
  • Ministry of Finance