iVedha’s years of staffing expertise extends to innovation beyond standard recruitment and placement services.

Once a project is greenlighted many iVedha clients are still challenged with finding space for staff. We offer scalable facilities for small to large teams complete with full office amenities and connectivity for the duration of the project.
Ivedha can supply staff on a project-basis and respond to business objectives in the work process with scalability and agility.



IVedha’s leading-edge RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) can help to

  • Dramatically reduce both ‘time to hire’ and ‘cost per hire’.
  • Dramatically reduce current recruitment spend.
  • Provide clients with higher awareness of the entire recruiting model.
  • Significantly improve the effectiveness of the corporate recruitment process.
  • Create a ‘delivery on demand’ hiring model.
  • Improve the quality of the data leading into management reporting.
  • Build a fixed pricing model that employs recruitment budget dollars more strategically than traditional recruiting cost-models.